A Typical Sushi Menu

A Typical Sushi Menu:

Most Sushi Bars provide a 1 page sushi menu for you to fill in the quanties of each type sushi you want. You will often see these readily available at the bar along with small pencils for filling in your order. Feel free to order multiple times. Many places include 2 columns on the sushi menu for entering your first and second orders.

About Sushi


Useful Phrases
Ama Ebi o kudasai please give me sweet shrimp
Anago o kudasai please give me salt water eel
Arigato thank you (informal)
Arigato gozaimashita thank you very much (at the end of the evening)
Domo (DOH moh) thank you
Domo arigato (ah ri GAH toh) thank you very much
Dozo (DOH zoh) please
Hai (high) yes
Itamae-san the sushi (or other Japanese) chef
Kampai to your health
Konbanwa good evening
Konichiwa (koh NEECH ee wah) a greeting, roughly "how are you" or "how do you do?"
Okanjo bill/check
Omakase asking the sushi chef to choose what you'll have next
Gyoku (means jewel) tamago
Murasaki (means purple) soy sauce
Namida (means tears) wasabi
Oaso the check
Sabinuki no wasabi
Other Sushi Terms
Aburage fried tofu pouches prepared by cooking in sweet cooking sake, soy sauce, and water
Chakin sushi vinegared rice wrapped in a thin egg crepe
Chirashi sushi assorted raw fish and vegetables (usually nine, nine being the Japanese lucky number) over rice
Daikon giant white radish, usu. served grated as garnish for sashimi
Edomae sushi same as nigiri sushi
Gari vinegared ginger
Kampyo dried gourd that comes prepared in long, translucent brown strips like fettuccine
Maki sushi vinegared rice with insertions, rolled up in Japanese seaweed. Most maki places the nori on the outside, but some, like the California roll, place the rice on the outside
Nigiri sushi pieces of fish, shellfish, or fish roe over vinegared rice balls
Odori-ebi live "dancing" shrimp
Oshibori rolled up hot towel served to sushi bar customers
Oshinko Japanese pickles
Sashimi raw fish served chilled, sliced, and arranged without rice
Shoyu soy sauce
Tekka-don pieces of raw tuna over rice
Temaki sushi hand rolled cones of sushi rice and/or vegetables wrapped in seaweed
Wasabi Japanese horseradish